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Our focus is to enable marketing and web agencies to provide website development and other IT services to their clients using our experience and expertise. We deliver complex, high-quality solutions that are reliable and up-to-date, while at the same time being affordable. We pride ourselves in producing sites that have top notch load speed and flawless technical SEO along with modern trending design.
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Our Objective

Since our start, we have established excellent cooperation with marketing agencies both in Hungary and abroad, for example in German-speaking countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland, where we take care of all web development projects that our partners receive. During these partnerships we created best practices for managing task flows, client needs and the overall projects. We intend to share and use these methods in our future collaborations as well.

Based on these experiences, we aim to help Agencies in many western countries. Thanks to the difference in the salary levels between, we are able to offer the high quality service at a lower price when compared to Western European web development companies, be it CMS based sites, such as Wordpress, or custom built websites.

In today's business world, a website is the virtual face of a business - in many cases the first impression potential partners have of a company. With a nice design, user-friendly layout, and SEO-optimized content, you can achieve your clients' long-term goals. Not only through paid advertising, but also through organic growth.

What can we help you with?

All members of our team have experience in Wordpress: from basic knowledge to professional level. In previous roles, we are well versed and professional in using Elementor and Woocommerce in particular, as well as custom-coded WordPress solutions. Our team members have an unique experience in web development, with languages such as Javascript or PHP, both on the back-end (server side) and on the front-end (user interface). We use libraries like Vue, React or in case of PHP we’re advocates of Laravel and we participate in online meetups regularly. Therefore, we are able to develop not only websites, but also web applications, and also progressive web applications.

In addition to our web development skills, our team members have a general understanding of marketing, deep technical SEO knowledge, AdWords advertising, and experience in managing Facebook campaigns. Therefore, we are not only able to look at a website from the developer's point of view, but we also pay special attention to marketing and UX aspects of the site.

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If your marketing or web agency is looking for a partner to assist with your client’s website or webapplication development, then you came to right place! We can help you reimagine what a partnership would look like: new added function to your arsenal or less pressure on your in-house development staff, and more time for your top priority projects and key businedd lines, and of course a healthy return on investment.

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